Friday 26 August 2011

Teaching and Training

- Sports Massage Therapist (2006-2007) | Higher Education School of Alternative Medicine Techniques, Tenerife. Diploma accredited by the Health Council of the Canary Islands.
Quiromassage, Tui-na, Sports Massage, Treatment for Athletes, Osteopathic Mobilization, Cyriax Technique, Muscle Shortening and Elongation Test, Electromassage, Essential Oils for Massage, Thermotherapy, Digit Pressure Massage, Suctions Cups, Auriculotherapy, Percussion Techniques, Anatomy.

- Life Coach in Relaxation Techniques and Personal Development (2004-2005) | CEYSI Integrative Health and Yoga School. Tenerife.
The Breathing Method, Relaxation Techniques, The Brain, The Human Mind, The Power of the Positive Thinking, Concentration and Creative Visualization, The Subconscious, The Higher Mind and The Inner Self, The Therapeutic Power of Suggestion, Self Image and Self Esteem, The Self Analysis, Psychosomatic Diseases, Stress and Nervous Disorders, Anti-Stress Gymnastics, Psychology of The Human Soul, Overcoming the Fear of Death.

Civil Law (2001-2002) | Business Sciences, La Laguna University (ULL). Tenerife.

International Secretary 
(1998-1999) | Technical Degree, International Secretarial School (ESI). Tenerife.

-  Crystal Healing, Gateway Workshops, London
-  Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Gateway Workshops, London
Facial Rejuvenation, School of Massage, London
-  Covid-19 Certification, Professional Beauty Training, Barbicide 
Qualified Infant Massage Instructor, To Baby and Beyond, London
Pregnancy Massage, School of Massage, London
-  Deep Tissue Massage, School of Massage
-  Emergency First Aid, First Aid for Life
-  Physical Science, London School of Osteopathy (LSO)
-  Traditional Ayurvedic Foot Massage, Ayurveda Pura Academy, London
-  FHT Pregnancy & Labour Massage, Certificate, London
-  The Dorchester Spa Training, Signature Spa Treatments, London
-  Steiner, Maritime Training for Massage & Beauty Spa Treatments, London
-  Elemis, Aroma Stone Therapy, London
-  Elemis, Aroma Spa, London
-  Sensitive Massage by Balbina Rodríguez, Tenerife
-  Healing with Energy by Balbina Rodríguez, Tenerife
-  Reiki, Second Level, Tenerife
-  Reiki, First Level, Tenerife
Crystals, Level 1 By Raquel Gutierrez
-  Development Seminary about Relaxation Techniques and Anti Stress Exercises by Santiago Pazín, Las Palmas
-  Wubaomen Chikung and Tuina Seminary (Energetic Massage) by Sun Jun-Quing, Madrid
-  Metamorphic Massage Seminary, Higher Ed. School of Medical Assistant Techniques, Tenerife

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