Friday, 26 August 2011

Alternative Healing Therapies

Reiki to Enrich Your Life!
Originally form Japan, this very simple healing system will help you feel at your best every day. Reiki therapy is based on harnessing the positive energy of the Universe to counter the “negative” energy we build up from everyday anxieties.
Whether your work/life is falling short of your expectations, or you are living life to the fullest, Reiki can help rid you the “negativity” that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential!.
From seekers of spiritual enlightenment to single-minded materialists, Reiki can help you focus your positive energy on achieving your goals. And for anyone experiencing a period of depression or struggling to adapt to a major life-change, this excellent therapy will help you focus on the positive aspects of your life and smooth your pathway to recovery.
Reiki is a wonderful treatment that is of benefit to everyone who wants to overcome life’s obstacles and enrich their life!

Cupping Therapy for Natural, Drug-free Healing
The Chinese, and many other civilisations, have been using cupping therapy form a heat source inside glass or bamboo cups since ancient times. This age-old, but still relevant, therapy uses plastic cups to create localized, vacuum-suction pressure points on specific areas of the body.
The therapy works became the suction creates an increases blood-flow to the area, bringing oxygen and healing nutrients which speed up the natural repair process. Furthermore,  the increased blood-flow also efficiently picks-up and carries away the toxins produced by damaged body tissue.
Cupping therapy is a highly effective and completely logical treatment for those who prefer drug-free, natural methods.

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