Friday 26 August 2011

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  1. Anonymous27/9/11

    I compete in Ironman triathlons to a high level. Only Judith's deep tissue/sports massages can assure me confidence in getting PBs in my races. She is the best massage therapist that I have ever been to. She knows the body, muscles, and how to massage all the aches and kinks out. She is very skilled at what she does and also very giving in her approach. She has a good heart, healing hands, and a rare level of professionalism. I highly recommend!!


  2. Anonymous30/9/11

    I am just back from Japan where we trained Okinawese martial arts for a week. Back tensions and muscle aches have been soothed away with a couple of sessions with Judith. Her skills are corroborated by a natural therapeutic 6th sense to understand and feel energy points and the release of chakras. She always manages to identify and flow back up the main 7 chakras.
    I travel a lot and as I live in France, I always try to block a therapeutic session with Judith every time in can be in London. More than relaxation after business or an intensive sports activity, Judith manages to get the body back to its inner natural energy flowing.

    Miss Ravelo is not about massages.
    She is about genuine therapeutic body solutions.


  3. Anonymous3/10/11

    Judith has a lovely personality and her skills as a masseuse are exceptional. Sessions I have had with her have been truly remarkable. She combines various techniques and tailors them to suit each client's needs. Having received massage from various therapists and from different parts of the world, I can confirm her talent is far above the norm. If you want to experience first class massage therapy I can confidently recommend Judith as the therapist who could deliver it. You wont be disappointed !!!

  4. Judith es un sol como persona y aún más como profesional, porque ama su profesión y disfruta con ella. Consigue que la gente sienta paz porque ella la lleva consigo. Darse un masaje con ella es transportarse a otro mundo, a un mundo de armonía de tranquilidad y serenidad.
    Sus manos tienen una sensibilidad especial para captar donde está la tensión, y con movimientos, a veces profundos pero llenos de dulzura, disuelve toda esa tensión. Transmite mucha energía. Sus manos desprenden un calor agradable que te hacen sentir arropado.

    Todo esto me lo transmitió Judith cuando hizo el curso de masaje sensitivo conmigo. Fue una alumna responsable y sensible que transmite mucho amor.

    Que el mundo no se pierda el poder tener el regalo de disfrutar de un masaje de esta gran profesional como es Judith.


  5. Judith is someone that I had the great great pleasure of working with during her time with Royal Caribbean Cruises. She is a committed and caring individual and truly a great therapist. This girl knows her stuff! Someone in these comments said that she is about "therapeutic body solutions" I agree whole-heartedly!

  6. Nadia1/11/11

    Judith gives the best massages I've ever had. She is very professional and has a very good personality. Not only are her skills as a masseuse excellent, but she can also become a really good friend who gives good advice =)
    Judith is really good at finding the cause of pain, and fixing it! She gets even better once she gets to know your body, she is the ONLY person i will ever let massage me

  7. Anonymous16/2/12

    I got to know Judith when she was working on a cruise. As somebody who has had different back surgeries, I have met a lot of therapists and I have had many treatments. Judith skills are excellent. But what counts even more, is her talent to feel what your body needs. This is something that is not learnable but makes the difference. Greetings from Switzerland....Boris

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  10. Wael Eid14/11/15

    Judith is simply the greatest masseur I have ever come across. Her background, skills, dedication, and experience give you the confidence needed to relax and make the best out of the session. You can feel the positive energy transmitted to you while having the massage with Judith. Session with Judith is not just a massage, it is an amazing therapy experience. She is also charismatic, clean, professional, punctual in her appointments, and give full attention to her clients.
    The only downside of having massage with Judith is that you can no longer enjoy any massage by someone else. Judith is simply the BEST. I moved out of London, and the one thing I miss most is Judith’s massage. Whenever I visit London, I make sure I book an appointment in advance with Judith as she is very busy with a long waiting list. I will always miss Judith.

  11. Anonymous18/3/16

    Judith Ravelo - you have one of the most amazing healing energies which exudes from within. thank you for 'rejuvenating' me with your energy all those times the going go tough - so blessed to have met - amazing lightworker... and one of the few people who I can speak to about soul journeys and mystical energies ;)...

  12. Texts from my clients, I keep their privacy:

    Hello my lovely. Just wanted to FWD you the message we got last night after you saw...:
    "Thank u for my massage ..., ..., & ...! It was incredible, had no idea how sore my legs were till she worked her magic. She should made a saint! Thank u thank u! xx"
    A saint! High praise indeed and, as I know full well, totally true! Thank you so much as always for being so awesome xxx

  13. Thank you so much for coming to see me today, for the wonderful treatment and for all your help, suggestions and support. Lots of love xxx

  14. Thank you for the great massage Judith. See you soon!

  15. Hi Judith, hope all well, I loved my massage, ... is correct, you are the best!

  16. Anonymous28/5/16

    I had a deep tissue massage and it was great. Judith was lovely and listened to what areas I wanted to be focused on. The pressure was excellent, firm enough to feel like it was working, but never once too hard.
    Definitely will go back!


  17. Anonymous6/10/16

    Judith was lovely - the massage was brilliant - relaxing and 'strong' at the same time. Left me feeling really good for the rest of the day, and all my knots have gone for now!!

  18. Anonymous6/10/16

    Great massage and felt very relaxed after! I requested for massage to concentrate on back, neck and shoulders and it was perfect!

  19. Anonymous6/10/16

    Great little place and Judith really knows how to give a massage - would recommend to everyone!

  20. Anonymous6/10/16

    Judith is an amazing masseuse and I can only say good things about her! The massage was excellent and very therapeutic. She creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room with music and soft light. Better than a lot of fancy spa treatments I've had!

  21. Anonymous6/10/16

    Treatment was really good and relaxing. Massage room is below the hairdressers but nice and private. Would definitely book again!

  22. Anonymous6/10/16

    I had a Swedish massage with Judith which was fantastic. I left feeling thoroughly relaxed and looking forward to booking my next appointment. I am so happy to have found such a local massage therapist that I am so happy with!

  23. Anonymous6/10/16

    Judith was amazing! She paid special attention to the problem areas in my back and shoulders and the massage was very targeted to my needs. Highly recommended

  24. Anonymous6/10/16

    Once again, Judith did an amazing job and taking the stress away from my head, neck, and shoulder areas.

  25. Anonymous6/10/16

    Excellent massage - polite and calming therapist, beautifully set out room and a very relaxing environment. I will return! Thank you